We use alot of jasper stones in our jewellery.  Jasper is typically opaque and fine grained and can be found in a variety of colours including red, brown, yellow, pink, green, blue, and grey/white.  It often has interesting patterns, bands, and colours due to the organic materials and mineral oxides that it contains. 

There's a belief that Jasper has healing and special properties.  It has been associated with bringing joy into one's life.  Some believe that it drives away evil spirits.  Others believe that it balances the yin and yang energies and aligns your chakras.  Jasper stabilizes the aura and cleanses one's dysfunctional energies.  It works slowly, providing constant, deliberate energy. 

We love working with Jasper because of its diversity in colours, patterns, and shapes, allowing us to create beautiful, unique designs. 

Check out our Jasper Beauty, Mount Merapi, and Bold and Beautiful from our Luscious Collection; and Aphrodite from our Sweet Nuthins Collection. 
Thank you Tiffany for hosting our first jewellery party! It was good times, good laughs, good food...to sum it up, it was a great girls' night in and a successful jewellery party.  Thank you to everyone who came.  We had an awesome time and we hope you did as well.  We'd love to hear any feedback that you have for us, positive or constructive.  Please don't be shy! 

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